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Johnny Jaws NA. LLC.
Statement of Product Performance 11.1.2020


The Johnny Jaws™ system is a patented, aftermarket attachment that has been

designed and engineered for installation on the vast majority of Front-load refuse truck

designs and enables servicing of both Front and Rear-load commercial refuse containers.


The system is installed near the fork tube bumper areas of the truck’s front-forks and enables the truck driver/operator to remain in the cab, in most cases, while servicing each:


  • All ANSI Z245.60 Standard one (1) to three (3) cubic yard rear-load containers

  • Most four (4) cubic-yard Rear-load containers

  • All standard Front-load containers


The Johnny Jaws™ system can normally be installed at the customer's site in less than one (1) day and the driver /operator and mechanics trained and certified in its operation and service within one (1) to two (2) days as required.




The Johnny Jaws™ system will function as specified above, provided the driver/operator utilizes it as certified by the Johnny Jaws installer/trainer. 


The Johnny Jaws™ system has been engineered to match the maximum lifting capacity of the host truck fork systems.


However, to avoid container damage, we DO NOT recommend lifting any containers that exceed the maximum loaded container weights established by your respective container manufacturers. In addition, we DO NOT recommend servicing any plastic containers with the Johnny Jaws system.



The Johnny Jaws™ System is covered by a one (1) year, limited warranty.

[See Separate “Limited Warranty” document for details.]

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