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Join us in welcoming Olympic Sales, Inc., out of West Fargo, North Dakota to our Regional Network.

Olympic is the 1st of 10, soon to be designated, exclusive, territorial member organizations.

Each member of the network will be working with us to make it more convenient for our customers during the installation and operational training period and when, and if, service or additional operator training and sales are needed.  


They will be responsible for all activities in Region #8... North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and parts of Minnesota.  We will be working alongside each other in the region and our other reps as we build out the network.

Olympic Sales, Inc. has been operating since 2000, and Northland Truck Sales joined together with them shortly after. They work out of their West Fargo ND Offices, where they take pride in providing quality service, whether it's a new truck or most anything else needed for your refuse operation... they look forward to helping find the very best equipment. 

At Johnny Jaws we practice, Fair Market Pricing, in concert with our network members. That means every Johnny Jaws customer gets the same price either by contacting one of our regional rep organizations, or by contacting us, directly... At Johnny Jaws we are transparent regarding all our transactions.


To learn more about Olympic, Johnny Jaws and our growing National Member Service and Sales Network, click on About Us.


If you have questions about or would like to become a member of Johnny Jaws National Installation, Training, Service and Sales Network, please call Bob Sill and he will answer all your questions at 412-853-8009.

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Olympic Sales, Inc. & Northland Truck  Sales
Click on their logo below for more information

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