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Riverside waste services

Billy Walton, Owner of Riverside Waste Services, LLC, Splendora, TX: "Best way I know how to pick up all my rear-load cans and save a pile of money is with a pair of Johnny Jaws - I've been waiting for this kind of thing for years!"

giordano's disposal

Brian Giordano, Owner of Giordano Recycling, Vineland, NJ: "It's been coming up on a year since we first installed Johnny Jaws on one of our front loaders. We have been continuously pounding it on both our mixed and rear-load can routes, servicing every kind of refuse out here in Jersey. It's paid for itself many times over, plus saved us a huge amount of time and overtime. Like I told their guys when it was first installed 'If you don't hear from me, that's a good thing.' And I haven't said a peep!!!"

Ryan, Chief Mechanic at Giordano Recycling: "When I first saw Johnny Jaws in operation I said 'No way in hell!' Coming up on a year in operation every day, Johnny Jaws has over-delivered on its promise to save time and money! I am now training my fourth driver on its use, and the bonus is how fast even an inexperienced/no experience commercial refuse truck operator can be up to speed and servicing their routes. Saves lots of overtime as well!"

miller's garbage

Jim Miller, Owner, Miller's Garbage Service, Savage, MT: "We purchased two sets of Johnny Jaws in 2017. The people at Johnny Jaws have been great to work with, very helpful with any questions or concerns that we had. I have mixed routes with front-load, rear-loads and totes throughout. Johnny Jaws has been great! The time it has saved on our routes and its ease of use is awesome. I want to thank your company for a great product and experienced staff."


Scott Parks, Owner, Enviro USA, Emmett, ID: "Our position is simple: prove to us that it works.  Then prove to us Johnny Jaws can withstand the daily abuse. Three months after installed and final adjustments made, Johnny Jaws has continued to function as promised!! This solution has been a long time coming!"

Granger Truck.jpeg


Andrew Russ, Fleet & Purchasing Manager: The Johnny Jaws unit allows us to be more versatile. Johnny Jaws has saved us thousands of dollars in not having to swap out rear load cans from acquisitions.

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