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Click on the video & turn up your sound!

Announcing Johnny Jaws
Installation, Training, Service & Sales Regional Network!


Join us in welcoming Olympic Sales, Inc., out of West Fargo, North Dakota. The 1st of 10, soon to be designated, exclusive, territorial member organizations. Each member of the network will be working with us to make it more convenient for our customers during the installation and operational training period and when, and if, service or additional operator training and sales are needed.  


Olympic will be responsible for all activities in Region #8... North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and parts of Minnesota.  We will be working with Olympic, and our other reps as we build out the network,


To learn more about Olympic and our growing National Member Service and Sales Network CLICK ON THE MAP BELOW.

If you would like to become a member of our network, please contact Bob at 412-859-8009 or

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Install Johnny Jaws on any Front-Loader and service both Front and Rear-Load cans!




Johnny Jaws has been proven in the lab and in the field, to be the most productive and cost

effective method to make a full, or partial, Rear-Load to Front-Load route conversion.

It is the one-and-only aftermarket apparatus that enables any Front-Load Refuse Truck to service:

- Any Rear-Load, ANSI standard, dumpster up to 4 cubic yards in capacity,

- Any Front-Load dumpster,

- and both Front and Rear-Load dumpsters on the same route! IN LESS than 90 seconds per dumpster.

Johnny Jaws virtually:

- Eliminates the need for Rear-Load Trucks,

- Does away with the need for two-man crews,

- Reduces the potential cause of injuries, downtime and insurance rates.


This patented system can cut up to 40% off route overhead & maintenance service costs even when utilized on Front-Load dumpsters to exclusively service all Rear-Load operations.

A pair of Johnny Jaws can be Installed, and your operators trained, in just one day in your garage.

Turn up the sound, watch the video & in :60 seconds you can watch Johnny Jaws in operation and learn everything you need to know to run your own numbers.

With the cost of dumpsters up - steel up - gas up - operators up - maintenance up  and insurance up, Johnny Jaws makes the conversion and installation of fork-pockets as a solution just plain silly ... and that's expensive too.

Click here or call us today 412-853-8009 for a quote. Then get The Unfair Advantage…Guaranteed…

Johnny Jaws!!

** Johnny Jaws can service 4 yard dumpsters or containers up to 75" in length.

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