Arm any front loader with Johnny Jaws and it will ALSO dump

rear-load containers.

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arm any front load with Johnny jaws for less then the cost of a new 4 yard container per month

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Features and Benefits of dumping both rear and front load cans with a front-loader armed with Johnny Jaws
  • Safer: enables the operator to remain in the cab
  • Faster: dump a rear load can in under a minute
  •  Installs at your location in less than one day
  • Optional self installation available.
  • Pneumatic powered 
  • Front loader will dump BOTH front and rear load cans
  • It's like a rear loader in a box!
  • R.O.I. in less then 4 months (You save $$$)
The only product of it's kind... 
  • No competitors
  • Virtually eliminates the rear-load truck
  • Installs on new or used front-loaders in a day
  • Maximizes route density thus freeing up drivers
  • Combine front and rear load routes
  • No modification needed on any ANSI standard rear-load can
  • Safely dumps most rear load cans from 1 to 4 cubic yards
  • Still dump any size front-load cans with out impediment
  • Keep your current inventory of rear load containers
  • No changes to the truck, body, or fork assembly
  • Accommodates grabbers and Curotto-style residential cans
  • Eliminates the need to purchase, letter and switch cans
  • Cuts route overhead up to 50% the first day
  • Proven in the lab and on the job...guaranteed
  • Transferable 
  • Money Back Guarantee 
 Does it sound to good to be true? Yes it does ...but it is!!!!



Click here to read an WasteAdvantage article about this SIMPLE and EASY solution for haulers converting from
rear-load to front-load, or just wanting more ROUTING VERSATILITY from your front-loaders, all while

IMPROVING your company's safety record - and your BOTTOM LINE! 

HOW DOES JOHNNY JAWS WORK?  Johnny Jaws' patented technology engages the rear-load containers at their strongest points, where the sides, front, top and trunnion all come together.  See the middle picture below.  This area is stronger than the location  used in traditional dumping because it is closer to the weldment of the gussets, trunnion and walls.  Johnny Jaws also utilizes a greater area thanks to our Can Cushion Technology.  

Armed with Johnny Jaws, any front loader can now service your rear-load AND all your front load cans, on the same route, all while never having to leave the safety of the cab!