Why Johnny Jaws? 

As an example, you have two rear load routes and 200 3-yard rear load cans and you want to convert to one front load route.

Option #1) Add pockets to each can. This expensive and time-consuming option means that you must add pockets, which means that you must empty, transport, weld, paint then transport each can, or perform this work on location. This option is also ineffective, as you can't safely add pockets to cans larger then 2 yards. In addition, you would have to cut off the trunnions, which means that the modified can could no longer be safely serviced with a rear-loader!  See picture to the right. Note the short trunnions.

Option #2) Exchange every can with new front load cans. 3-yard front load cans cost about $650 each plus delivery, totalling $150,000 Then you must unload, prep and exchange each can, and deal with the disposition of your old rear load cans.  This is a very expensive option.

NEW OPTION #3) Johnny Jaws with Can Cushion Technology  In less than one day we can enable any front loader to ALSO dump rear load cans up to 4 cubic yards! Your conversion will be accomplished IN LESS THAN ONE DAY! And all for a price LESS THAN THE TAX AND SHIPPING of Option #2 and far safer, easier and smarter then Option #1.  So what are you waiting for? Call us today for more information and no-obligation pricing - we LOVE to talk about Johnny Jaws! 412-853-8008

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Read our White Paper about the total costs related
to a Rear-Load to Front-Load Converstion.
1)  The out right to Front-Load Conversion
2) Modification of current rear load containers
3) Cost of not converting
4) Utilizing Johnny Jaws 
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